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Where your impossibilities are made possible. Masquerade Candles Shop specialized in candles, oils, herb, Spiritual Water, Incense, consulatation, Orisha Work, Palo Mt., Palo Mayombe, Misa, Vodon, the Gnostic Mass, Representational Magic.



Masquerade Candles Shop has all kind of candle like figure candles, man and woman. Binding candles with a man and a woman. Binding marriage candle. white and red, and a host of other candles.

Masquerade Candles Shop specialize in Orisha Candle 7 day fixed and plan one color or two colors. We also sell 14 day Orisha Candles. We also sell catholic st. 7 days candles. We also sell 7 day Holy Death, and 14 day Holy Death.

If you need to burn the candle at my shop, I can burn them for a fee of $1.00-$2.50 to dress them.

And there is a fee to burn the set of candles for the work you want done.

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