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Ernle, Inle

Updated: Jul 5

Ernle, Inle: He was nickname Erin because of his size. After he died change into a flowing stream and his name changed from Erin to Erinle which means " Elephant - into - Earth". Inle is the Orisha of health and all medicinal healing in Santeria and also Candomle' Inle, also known as Erinle, is an Orisha who is associated with estuary, an in between space where the freshwater where the river meets the salty sea. Inle is a Orisha of healing and health and medicine, the physician to other deities, hunter of the land and sea, and is often regarded as the patron of the homosexual and transgender people. According to Yoruba tradition, Inle was a mighty hunter who because deified. He is also syncretized with the archangel Raphael, who name signifies " Gods heals ". Raphael is frequently shown with fish warning, blue and pink, and is the patron of nurse, doctor's other medical professionals inle is commonly depicted as a strong healthy- looking warrior and hunter, with, with flowing hair in seven braids and fine, feminine features that give him an androgynous appearance. He is always dressed elegantly, adorned in cowie shells, coral shown with a snake wined around him. recalling the association of snakes with healing as seen caduceus and staff dagger or a fishing hook, in nature, he is recognizable by fish. His colors are white, yellow, and blue, though some sources say indigo, turquoise, and coral, it's sacrificial victims are typically pure white.

Inle enjoy sitting along side the water with his best friend Ochosi and they both fish with ease. Whenever Inle is at, you can always find his best friend Ochosi nearby in a hunt. These two go hand and hand. They love to sit at the rivers and drink converse. Inle is represent in Santeria in a bluish green tureen in which there holds the secret of Inle. Inle takes a trident in front of him, who is the spirit of Boyuto. Before his marriage to Abata. Inle had relationship with Yemaya and due t of that, Yemaya speaks for Inle. Inle is not crowned directly on the head ( oro ) of hid chrildren. Because of what Inle did to Yemaya. This means that they are initiated into Yemaya's realm with the additional knowledge of the Orisha Inle.

Inle was walking alongside the seashore noticing the different herbs that grew at the edge of the woods. He was gathering studying each and every one of them to see what there purpose was in his medical magic. He was dressed very exotic as always did, drinking his fine wine and sweat cakes.

He sat next to a rock by the ocean, and was study. Inle suddenly heard a splash in the ocean, that startled him, but there was nothing there. Days passed by and the same incident kept happening. Not to his knowledge that this splash was being made by the mother of the world and the Queen of the ocean Yemaya. She always knew the time Inle came by to sit on the rock to study his herbs. Yemaya was intrigued by the beauty that Inle had and deeply wanted to know more about him. Within days, she saw Inle sitting on the same rock in which Inle always did. Inle heard the splash like always. Inle was immune to the fact that every time he, turn around there was nothing to see. But on this day, when Inle turn to see a beautiful mermaid with long black flowing hair with pearls and diamonds that adorned her neck and breast. Inle was in faulted with this that he kept starting at Yemaya's body glisten in the sun light. Yemaya said " hello". Inle couldn't respond because he was gasping for words to responded. Yemaya giggled and ask him his name. Inle responded with his name, They started talking. Yemaya told Inle how she saw Inle walking on the side of the ocean shore everyday. Inle ask Yemaya was that her splashing water every day. Yemaya responded yes. Yemaya respond, she seen Inle from afar. Everyday these two Orisha meet at the seashore on the rocks and converse until one day Yemaya leaned to him and gave him a kiss.

Inle who was waiting for this was very excited for the great ocean mother in his grasps. Inle asked Yemaya if she liked to come and live with him in his house as his wife to enjoy the earth scenery and life. Yemaya told him she would love to but she was a queen and her castle and reign was the ocean.

Inle told her that it was impossible for him to go with her, because he couldn't breathe under water as she could. Yemaya smiled and reminded him who she was. Yemaya grabbed Inle hand, and brought him into the ocean. Inle was very nervous and with caress of her hands. Yemaya passed her hands over his mouth, nose and lungs. Inle embraced her and they both kissed as they submerged into the ocean. Inle was scared at first, seeing that he was going deeper in the ocean. Yemaya smiled at him and told him to breathe as she gave him the secret breathe under the water. Inle did as she said and they both descended to Yemaya's castle weeks passed by, and the lover were inseparable.

Yemaya showed Inle every part of the ocean. Yemaya took Inle to see Olokun at the bottom of the sea where no human can go. Yemaya took Inle to parts of the world on land, he couldn't imagine. Yemaya even took Inle to meet her sister Oshun the Queen of the river. Yemaya continued to take Inle every were and showed him all her riches and gems that she had. Yemaya showed Inle all her secrets. Inle viewed them all. Month passed, and Inle was swimming through the ocean noticing the fish that move through the current at the same time, and place. Inle was sitting near a coral, and he saw Elegua who swam up to him. Elegua notice that something was wrong with Inle. Elegua seen Inle every day, and every day that goes by, Inle face changed, more and more. Elegua asked Inle what was wrong. Inle looked at Elegua and said, " he loved Yemaya", but he wasn't happy where he was. Inle was missing his home on dry land. Inle missed the different tree life of dry land, the birds, the flowers the different animals, things that meant the world to him the world to him on dry land. Inle missed helping the sick people and felt bored where he was. Elegua told Inle to tell Yemaya the truth about how he felt. A few more days pass and Inle's demeanor had changed and now the queen of the ocean noticed his actions. Yemaya asked Inle what wrong. Inle told her he's alright. Worried Yemaya goes to Elegua and asked him dose Elegua know what was wrong with Inle. Elegua told Yemaya, he didn't know. Yemaya told Elegua if, he tells her, Yemaya would give him some sweets. Elegua told Yemaya that Inle wasn't happy living in the ocean wasn't. He missed all things of dry world, even the animals, helping people, everything. Yemaya would do anything to make Inle happy, even letting Inle go back to dry land. Yemaya approached Inle and ask him did he missed dry land. Inle told her that he did, missed his old life. Inle told Yemaya he loved her deeply. But there nothing for him down here. No one down here, that need his help. Inle told Yemaya it's the same thing every day down here in the ocean. Yemaya asked Inle wanted to go back to dry land. Inle told Yemaya with shame yes, I want to go home. Yemaya, with a mad face, grabbed Inle by the hand and started to take Inle home. Yemaya took Inle back were they met, by the rocks, and the ocean shore. Inle saw the dry land, he was so happy. Inle told Yemaya that he does still loves her, but he just can't deal with living in the ocean. Yemaya said "ok".

Inle was about to jump on the rocks, by the seashore when Yemaya grabbed Inle and nipped his tongue out of his mouth. Inle was bleeding in pain, wandering why, Yemaya said to Inle that she did it because she didn't want Inle to tell anyone about her or what he had seen in the ocean. Yemaya said her secret, riches, ocean world were for her, and the saltwater creatures in the water world she ruled. Since Inle didn't want the lifestyle, Yemaya had given. Inle won't have a tongue to speak. Yemaya curse Inle to only speak through her. When Inle children are initiated into the Yoruba religion or Santeria Lucumi religion. Yemaya takes them and they become her children through initiation with a twinkle from her eye she started to swim to the middle of the ocean laughing. Inle went home, everyone asked him were had been. Inle lived muted without no communication with the, and the world not understanding Inle.


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