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Matthew 4: 1- 11 JESUS BEING TEMP By The Devil

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Every bad thought could have two origins: the proper imperfection of our soul, or a funniest

Influence operating over us: in this last case it is

the beginning of a weakness, which makes Us proper to receive the influence, and by consequence from an imperfect soul: in such a way that he who committed the fault, should not have the excuse to blame it into the influence of a strange spirit, because the spirit would not induced him to wrong if he would not leave himself open to it by means of weakness, caused by the consequence of his

fault. When a bad thought surges amoung us, we then could also think that a bad spirit is type toinduce us to do wrong, and to who we are free to his access to us or to walk away from him. At this same instant we should leave

our guardian angel or protector spirit, represent us, who doing his part will combat

for us the bad influence and waits with.

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