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Osun ( Ozun) is an important Orisha.

Osun ( Ozun) is an important Orisha. But Osun be placed on your head can't be placed on your head to be your guardian spirit or seated to your head. No one can claim Osun as its guardian spirit or father in the Yoruba, Ifa, or Lucumi religion. Osun is companion to the other Orisha, and Osun protects the Ori ( head ) of Lucumi Santeria religion, Yoruba. Santeria pracitioners of Osun, the messenger of Obatala and Olofi, and Osun also work with Orula on many occasions. When initiated in Santeria, Lucumi, received the warriors ( Elegua,Ogun,Ochosi,Osun) all at once. The Babalwo gives someone Mano de Orula or Kofa de Orula in a ceremony. The Babalawo normally give Osun at the same time. Osun doesn't have a elekes bread necklace, cowie shells. Osun doesn't possess anyone in a trance. If Osun has something to say, Osun will speak though his brother Elegua. Osun's job is to alert you of our physical or spiritual well-being. Osun stand on guard, and never sleep. Osun is kept high on a shelf so he can see what's going on. If Osun falls over, there is a big problem, trouble. Osun is a symbol of health and stability in life. If Osun falls over, go see a Babalawo or God parent in the religion of Santeria or Lucumi. Osun is recognizable in a Santero's house because he takes the form of a white metal roaster perched on a cup that sits on a tall metal pedestal. The pedestal has a long lead base, so it won't fall easily. Osun was choosen by his father Obatala, to be the watchman. Osun was supposed to be alerting Obatala of any danger at that time. Obatala was married to Yemaya and there sons were Ochosi,Osun and Elegua still living at home. Osun was his father's, but Elegua knew that his step brother was lusting after his mother and serveral times when Obatala was away. Osun warned by Elegua and through him out of the house. To make Osun be quiet. Ogun gave Osun a big pile of corn. Osun ate so much corn and fell a sleep, and Ogun attacked his step mother Yemaya. Elegua ran to Obatala to tell Obatala. But Obatala wouldn't believe Elegua. Obatala had doubts, so the next day, he came home early, and to his surprise, he saw Osun sleep, and Ogun was having his way with Yemaya. Obatala was mad as hell and said to Osun, "I trusted you, and you sold yourself for corn". To make up for his lapse, Osun promised he would never let down his guard again, and he would ,be forever vigilant.

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