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I gave thanks to both of you, my Lord and my Guardian Angel for help you have given me at

the moment of dangers. And that these dangers had been for me like a warning, in such a way that it illuminate all over the faults which conducted me to it. I understand, oh! Lord that my life is in your hands, which could be taken away from me any time you desire it.

Inspire me from the good spirits which assist me the thought of employing in a benefitable

way, the time which you will permit me to stay

on this earth. Custodian Angel, please sostein me in my resolution, which I take to repair all the aggravations, and to do all the good depending from me, so as to depart to you from this world with less imperfections, to the

world with less imperfections, to the world of the spirits, when God wanted to take me there.


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