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The Charity

I am Charity, yes the real Charity: I don't look like the Charity that you practice, which have spoiled my name among men, which is fantastic, grossiper, exclusive, proud and I the Charity come to prevail you of the effects which blurr in the eyes of God in merit and splendor of his good actions. Be yielding to the lesson which the Spirit of Truth give you through my voice; follow me those who ate faithful to me: I am Charity. Follow Me, I know all the misfortunes, all the pains, all the suffering, all the affections which engulf humanity. I am the mother of the orphans, the

daughter of the elders, the protector and sostein of the widows: I cure the infected wounds: I take care of the illnesses; I give dress, bread and shelter to those who don't

have it. I go up to the most miserable buhardillas; I go to the humble pocilga; I call to

the doors of the rich and powerful men, because anywhere a human creature might br living, there is under the veil of happiness, sour and stabbing pains. Oh! how big is my duty! I should never fulfill it if you don't come to

my aid; come to me Charity. I don't keep preference with anyone; I never tell those who need me: " I have my miserable ones, go some

Place else." Oh! False charity, how much damage you do! Oh! My friends we all have deeds for the others, we are dew to each other, believe me, do not refuse your assistance to no

anyone, help each other with plenty interest, and don't take interest from those you have aided, the peace of your heart and your consciences is the sweet recompense of your aids to your fellow beings: I am the Charity.

I have to console so many disgrace ines; that

oftenly my breast and hands stay empty; I come to tell you what I except from you. Spiritism, has its view settled in " Love and Charity," and all the real spirities wants to conform themselves to this sublime precept preached by Christ more than nineteen centuries ago. Follow Me then, oh! brothers: I

will guide you to the kingdom of God our Father. I am the Charity.

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