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This next pray I'm writing is from a book I read to my Ancestors, in the religion I love deaply. It's gotten me through troubleing time. So I thought I would share with the people who come on my site. The book is called Collection of selected Prayers. The Author is Llan Kardec. I also sell the book online.

I am the elder sister of Hope and love, my name is Faith. I am big and strong: he who possesses me is not afraid of knives nor fire: I am a test of all morals uttering. I shine over all like a torch which sparkling rays reflect in the bottom of our hearts and communicate power and life. It is said among us that I transplant mountains and I say into you: I come to move the world because spiritism is the one who should help me. Unite to me, I invite you. I am the Faith. I am Faith. I live among Hope, Love and Charity, in the world of pure spirits. Often, I have descended from the aereal regions and came down to earth to regenerate. You, giving the life of spirit, but except to the parties of the past era of Christianity on earth, and some sacrifices made by modern man from afternoon to evening for the progress of science, writing, industry and liberty. I only found among men, in difference and coolness , and I remounted my wings, full of sorrows, to heavens again. You were believing in me, but, I was fooling you because Faith without conviction is not Faith. The real Faith is our own life and the action we derive out of it. Before the revelation of Spiritism, life was sterile: it was a dehydrated tree, by the refulgent sparkles of the ray, could not produce anything.

My name is Faith. I am known by my acts: I illuminate the intelligences. I warm and give new life to the hearts of men. I deviate from you the fooling influences, and I conduce men to God by the perfection of the spirit and heart. Come and reunite under my standards and my pennant. I am powerful and strong. I am the Faith. I am the Faith and my kingdom starts among men, my kingdom is a pacific one, which will make men happy in the present and for the eternity. The aurora of Faith is serene pure, its sun is splendorous and when it sets, it sets, it will come to acariciate sweetly the humanity in hand of eternal happiness. Spiritism, pours over every man your renewal, baptism: I make a supreme call my name is the Faith.




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