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My name is Hope; I smile to you when to you are born. I follow you in it, step by step and I only abandon you when you reach the world of realization, I am for you the promise of happiness, which you never cease to listen. I am your faithful friend, do not reject my inspirations, I am the Hope. I am the one who sings in the way with the voice of a nightingale and the one who in the dried of the forest, exhale it's hurting and harmonious tunes, which makes glimpse at the heavens: I

am who inspire the sparrow the wish of building their loved ones inside our roofs. I play

with the breeze which feels our hairs, I pour at

our feet the soft perfume of the flowers and of our gardens, and almost never you occupy your

thoughts with this friend who is so sincere to us. Her name is Hope.

I take all forms to come near you: I am the start

who shines in the blue heaven, the hot ray of the sun which revives us: I intertain you at nights with your festive dreams: I chase very away the dark care and the somber thoughts: I

guide your steps by the path of virtue: I accompany you when you visit the agonizants ,

and I inspire into you the word which will console them. Please do not reject me I am Hope. I am the Hope! I am the one who during

winter makes the weed grow in the choppe branches of big trees in the forest so that the birds could build their nest: I am the one who in

spring fills the apple trees and the almond tree

with white and rose flowers and I spread them

over the earth like a celestial rug, which makes

Us aspire to the happy worlds. Above all, I am

with you when you are poor and sick, my voice, sounds, unceasingly in your ears, do not reject me: I am the Hope.


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