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This candle is a 7 day candle multi-purpose , to work with 13 angels. This produce is an Indio product Inc. This candle has the Archangel Michael, is the commander and chief of all Gods, Archangels. You could use this candle for protection, by writing an request to Archangel Michael. It also has Archangel Gabriel the messager of God, you can write a requet to Archange Gabriel to sent a message to God for what you are praying for. You can use this candle for the Archangel Uriel is fire of God or light of God is the action of this Archangel, he is also use for wisdom, light, truth, many pray to him for guidances. The next Archangels Raphael is used for healing, of the mind, body, and spiritual healing. Raphael is therefor the patron saint of all healing. His name in Hebrew means God heals. The next Archangel Zapquiel or Zaphkiel is the chief of the Ophanim ( order of thrones) and one 9 angels that rile heaven; also one of the 7 Archangels. He can watch peopl when they need to make important decisions and when they need to put them into word for other




13 Sacred Cherubs / Sister Angeles/ 7 Angels /7 Colors


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