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Acknowledgement of Thanks


I just want to thank God for loving me and blessing me with faith, will, manifestation, and the Angels Michael, Gabriel, Ralph, Uriel. I would also like to thank the two most important woman in my life. My mother and grandmother, I'm nothing without what they taugh me, and what they instilled in my up bring. Thank you mom and granny, for all you 've done. I will never, never, ever forget you, I love you both always and forever. Thank you to the third person in my life my son. I also want to thank spiritualism and all it intells. Starting with my eggun, ancestors, Holy Death, all spirits I work with. Special thanks to Mama Chola, I'm nothing without you and all the prenda. Palo Mt, Palo Mayombe, and all it intells. The Congo, the Congolese, Iwa from my Haitian descent. I also want to thank Olodumare, Olorun, Olofi, Ifa, the Orisha, Orunla. I also want to thank the Priest that has touch my life in an positive and negative light. Petie Elegua, Jorge Rodriguez, Maria and Rosa

94th Here come the Congo, and thank you for my chola. Finally the Thelema religion and allit intells. Special thank to Nathan Bjorge for teaching me, Lewis Finzel for years of knowledge and friendship. Last but least and life saving thanks to my Godmother Carrie Sealine for blessing me with the enlightenment of pieces through the tree of life and teach me. I am so thankful to have known Carrie Sealine, I will love you always and forever 93, may you rest in piece. I want to thank Temple Sophia for the teachings, enlightens of Gnostic Mass. The Kabbalistic tree, the coin and the keys the doors. I also want thank Lilith and all other spirits that are not name, thanks to all spirits good or bad for molding me into my saving graces of being a ya ya, and thanks to all the haters for hating on me. I need your negative energy, without you I wouldn't be shit. So keep hating, I welcome it. It makes me better.

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