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Ibeji twins ( known Ibayi or Jimaguas in latin America )

Ibeji twins ( known Ibayi or Jimaguas in latin America ) is the name of the Orisha representing a pair of twins in Yoruba religion of the Yoruba people (originating from Yoruba land, an area in and around Nigeria )Diasporic Yoruba spirituality of Latin America, Unbanda, Candomble, Santeria, Folk Catholicsm. The Ibeji are syncretized with Saint Comas and Damian. In Yoruba culture and spirituality, twin are believed to be magical, and are granted protection by the Orisha Shango. If one twin should die; its mad luck, fortune for the parents, and society where they belong. the parents must see a Babalawo to make a wooden Ibeji to represent the twin that pass away, and the parents take care of the Ibeji twin wooden statue, as if it were alive. Other than the sex, the appearance of the Ibeji is determined by the sculptor. The parents then dress and decorate the Ibeji to represent their own status, using clothing made of cowie shells, as well as beads coins and paint. The first of the twin is known as Taiwo, while the second twin is called Kehinde. In Yoruba culture, the second twin is the elder twin, the reason for this is that Taiwo is sent by Kehinde to judge if the world is fit and beautiful before he/she descends in accordance with Yoruba belief.

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